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CVO is an Australian-owned national billboard company.

We are part of the VMG Communications Network. Which means we’re able to offer our clients the personalised service of a small business with the mechanics and support of a large multi-national company.

Our mission is to make Out-of-Home advertising accessible to all, ensuring our impact on our local communities and environment is a positive one.

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Via our sister companies, Sillyfish, Digital Native, Revolution360, Yakkazoo and Frontier Media, we offer unparalleled opportunities for our clients across creative, digital performance and bespoke activations.

Our Team

Our friendly team are a group of Out-of-Home experts, data specialists, small-business owners and marketing whizz-kids.

Frequently asked questions

Why out-of-home?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is seen by over90% of the Australian population every day. Unlike the fragmented media landscape of digital, TV and radio it can’t be turned off, switched over or blocked.

The world’s biggest brands use OOH advertising because it provides brand stature, impact and mass awareness.

At CVO we don’t do anything with a cookie cutter approach. We offer bespoke billboard advertising for brands and businesses of all sizes objectives and budgets. If you want to talk about billboards, contact CVO.

What are the most common types of out-of-home advertising

Out-of-home (OOH)advertising comes in many forms. As the name suggests it is any advertising the public may see outside of their home environment. Traditionally street posters advertising services or events were the most common form dating back centuries.As public and private transport flourished new larger poster ads were developed and billboard signs became a common sight beside roads and on the side of buildings. Today there are many types of OOH including poster ads, bus advertising, and posters on the side of bus and train stops and in airports and shopping centers, many of these new ones being digital..

Is digital OOH better than traditional printed posters and billboards?

Digital OOH advertising is more like most digital in that the poster space is shared by many brands. Adverts rotate through so the chances of a person seeing one particular advertise a lot less than a traditional advertising poster. Each format has its benefits but CVO focuses on traditional billboard ads because we believe, and studies have shown, it provides the best long term exposure for brands.

What is the biggest strength of outdoor advertising?

There really isn’t one main benefit because OOH advertising works on many levels and its effectiveness depends on the client’s objectives. Some brands aim to just reinforce branding or to highlight that their business is nearby. Fast food chains use local area marketing very effectively on roadside billboards. Other brands may be looking to use outdoor ads to promote upcoming events or sales. Street posters are a common form of outdoor promotional advertising and our sister company Revolution 360 are experts in that field.

Some of the most effective outdoor advertising is designed to create controversy by being cheeky or thought provoking and gain additional exposure through earned media or social media sharing. Each brand needs to work with their outdoor agency to define their objectives and develop a campaign to meet those objectives. CVO has decades of experience in helping brands find the right location and develop the perfect message to meet their needs.

How is out-of-home advertising measured?

Traditionally road and railside billboards have been priced depending on traffic flow - how many people or cars pass by. This is the same for bus stop advertising and the OOH available in shopping centres and airports. Where this method fails is that it does not measure if someone has actually seen the advert and mostly there is no data on the type of person passing by. CVO has a proprietary system called Explore that gives us a deep insight into our audiences using mobile phone data to give us metrics such as how many people we reach, how many times and what their interests and demographics are. These can then be matched to your business objectives to find the best locations for your outdoor campaign.

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