3 benefits of outdoor advertising

4 Dec

Outdoor advertising is any visual advertising media found outside, usually in the form of billboards, signage in transit areas such as train stations and airports, or ads on transit, such as buses. The biggest brands in the world consistently use Out-of-Home to capture the attention of consumers.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider billboards for your business or brand:

Wide audience exposure. 

Imagine a busy street or train station during rush hour. Thousands of people walk past daily and will be placed in front of your ad on their commute. Choosing the right location is key when it comes to outdoor advertising as it determines the audience. For bricks and mortar businesses, this might mean choosing a location in your area where the people passing will be more likely to visit your store. 

Attention grabbing. 

Billboard campaigns cannot be ignored the same way you can turn off or block TV or digital ads. This allows brands to create impactful visuals that grab the attention of onlookers and sends a clear brand message. Your billboard will likely only hold attention for a few seconds, so keep the message simple but effective. The aim here is to spread brand awareness and intrigue consumers!

Cost effective. 

Outdoor advertising ranges in price, however, if used correctly it can reach the masses very cost effectively. When buying ad space for a billboard, you pay for the location and duration of your campaign. A longer campaign will create more brand familiarity with your consumers who will be repeatedly exposed to the advertisement.

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