Does billboard advertising work?

16 Jan

Yes. Thanks for reading. 

Seriously, it is a question we get all the time, often from smaller businesses who have not considered out-of-home (OOH) advertising but are also not getting the desired results, for their budget, from other channels. Here are our 3 key insights into why OOH works and why you should talk to CVO about your business.

  1. Campaign ROI: As our friends at the Outdoor Media Association point out OOH helps supercharge your other campaign tactics. Social media and digital advertising are great but customers sometimes don’t connect with them in terms of reality - there are lots of fake and bogus businesses and offers out there. A billboard is real, it’s in your neighbourhood, near your office, across the road from your gym and it says ‘this business is serious; it actually exists’. That impact combined with your other tactics helps validate and boost every tactic and the whole campaign. OMA claims that OOH can increase intrigue in your brand by 38% on top of your digital campaign. And it can deliver more online activity per dollar spent compared to TV, radio and print. 
  2. Local Area Marketing: Many of our smaller business customers use OOH to talk directly to the customers in their area. This very granular level of advertising is possible on social media and some digital channels but it is costly and not 100% predictable. Like most advertising it is a case of pay, spray and pray! But OOH connects your business directly with your local customers. And for larger brands it can be used very effectively to target people when they are in places or at times when they might connect with that brand. For example roadside billboards near motorway offramps advertising snacks, fast food or cool refreshments. After a long drive, that can really hit the spot and drive purchase.
  3. Context and Creative: The greatest and most effective OOH advertising uses the location and the context of the billboard to generate creative cut-through. Short, punchy headlines, attractive, eye-catching imagery all help drive up effectiveness. A railside poster that reminds you to pick up dinner ingredients, or invites you to enjoy a drink at your local on the way home are examples.Billboards are a great canvas to connect and CVO can help you by finding the right location and help you get creative help to make a big impact for your brand. 

In terms of creativity, context, location, timing and campaign ROI, OOH works brilliantly. 

CVO are OOH experts with over 2,000 road and railside billboard sites across Australia. 

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