3 tips for QR codes on billboards

19 Jan

QR codes on billboards are a smart way for businesses to grab attention and interact with people in passing. QR codes are known for boosting customer engagement if used correctly- but they can also lead to a wasted campaign if it does not catch the interest of the audience.

We have put together 3 things to think about before including a QR code on your outdoor advertisement:

Easy scanning access

QR codes are meant to be scanned, so you need to make sure it is easy for people in passing to engage with your ad. This means prioritising a larger QR code that is fully visible for people passing by and making sure the location is optimised. A billboard next to a busy road won't be the best location for a QR code with majority of the audience quickly driving past.

Call to action

A call to action will tell your audience why they should scan the QR code and intrigue them enough to follow along. Without it, the sign can come across as flat and boring, which will result in lower customer engagement. Why should people go out of their way to scan your QR code? Tell them! It can be as easy as ‘Scan Me!’, but remember the more rewarding the offer, the more likely they will be to engage.

Mobile friendly

It is important to consider that everyone scanning your QR code will do so with their smartphone devices. Therefore, the landing page needs to be mobile friendly and engaging. While you have enticed people enough to scan the QR code, they might exit the site if they find the content disappointing.

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