The impact of outdoor advertising on small businesses

3 Aug

Did you know outdoor advertising has the power to deliver impact in just a two second glance?

Without awareness and reputation, a business cannot grow. This is where outdoor advertising can help build and promote your brand.

A common misconception is that Out-of-Home is for large businesses and brands. As local area marketing specialists, we often correct this notion. All businesses can essentially benefit from outdoor advertising if performed and targeted correctly. I’ve witnessed how small business owners started from small beginnings and progressively scaled into a successful and a well-sought brand because of Out-of-Home. With that said, it is wise to take advantage of what Out-of-Home can bring to the table. Below are my key reasons on why it’s high time to invest and plan your business growth with Out-of-Home.

Billboards can be cost-effective

It takes time and plenty of brainstorming to formulate the best approach to get your business recognised in your local area. Whether you have recently launched your brand or have been in the industry, we can create a campaign for you based on your specific business needs. You do not have to spend a fortune in bulk when it comes to billboards. Packages are available, which do not constraint your budget as a small business owner. Whether it is a short-term or long-term partnership, each step take has the team’s support and guidance.

Billboards helps promote brand image and values

The most important element that a brand should obtain from the target audience is trust. Without trust, it’s harder to attain an increase in awareness and exposure. With billboards, we can help bridge the gap between your small business and your ideal consumers. Brand awareness is achieved through outdoor advertising due to the constant exposure and attention- grabbing nature of billboards that allows people in passing to become familiar with your brand. Through billboards, we can bring your business closer to leads and potential clients.

Combining your mobile campaigns with your out-of-home advertising increases effectiveness

By combining outdoor advertising with mobile campaigns, brands can target mobile devices that are close in proximity to an out-of-home advertisement that will promote their message to amplify their reach.

The complementary relationship between Out-of-Home and mobile has significantly enhanced during COVID-19, providing brands access to more creative and targeted opportunities than ever before. Targeting the same audience with mobile ads increases reach and generates a bolder message that is memorable.

Billboards improve and strengthen your brand’s relationship with the community.

By being active and becoming involved with the local community, your chances of your small business being recognised from potential consumers amplify. Billboards can help create a positive impact on your brand and build your business’s reliability. By creating a personal connection with your local area, potential consumers are likely to turn to your brand and offer their support. Now that you’re recognised in your local area, the number of consumers to your business could also grow.

Outdoor advertising can help a company stand firmly on its foundation. With the proper tools for boosting brand awareness and reputation, any business can thrive regardless of its size. Out-of-Home strategies may differ, but the goal is the same; grow brand awareness and create a mutual connection between the business brand and the public, which will pave the way to increased sales and profit. For small business owners, the opportunities that billboards offer are beneficial and optimal for growth.

By partnering with us as your local area marketing specialists, we can help you change the future of your business.

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